New Hampshire: State rep to study restraint of children with ASD

Sept 1, 2017, Portsmouth, NH, Seacoast Online: Rochester Rep wants to reform school restraint policies A local teen’s story has inspired a state representative to pursue legislative action to change the way school districts handle the physical restraint of children with autism. State Rep. Brandon Phinney, L-Rochester, is investigating how to implement a statewide policy that mandates district officials sit down with parents to review and revise their child’s individualized education plan (IEP) if the child is physically restrained a yet-to-be-defined number of times in a given week. Phinney said he hasn’t yet determined what safeguards are currently in place,... It’s unknown what form the bill could take, as the idea is still preliminary and more research into school policies is needed, according to Phinney. Nothing had been proposed as of Friday. “I’m absolutely willing to do the homework to get this done,” he said, adding that issues like Ben Battis’ are why representatives are elected.