Minnetonka, MN: Autism school expanding; 1 in 48 kids in MN has autism

April 24, 2018, Minneapolis Star Tribune: Minnetonka school for autistic children grows with need … Brown is one of several parents who have enrolled their children at the academy, one of a small but growing number of Minnesota schools in recent years specifically designed for students with ASD or related learning differences. From six students in 2004, when it was set up, to 60 students, the school has come a long way in enrolling students with special needs from places as far away as Wisconsin. It expects to enroll 66 students next year in the new building, which can accommodate 100. … ... In Minneapolis alone, one in 48 children has been diagnosed with ASD, the CDC says. … The dimly lit classrooms are equipped with sensory corners where students in need of a break can go and play with things like a sensory swing or a fidget spinner….