Minnesota: State rep wants committee to "study the rapid increase of SPED costs/spending"

May 4, 2018, Isle, MN, Mille Lac Messenger: An update from the House Sondra Erickson is a House Representative (R) district 15A. She resides in Princeton and is a retired English teacher: On Thursday, April 26, the House approved its supplemental education omnibus bill. As chair of the Education Innovation Policy Committee, I worked closely with my colleague, House Education Finance Committee chair, Rep. Jenifer Loon, to assemble this legislation. This year’s omnibus bill continues our mission of ensuring that every child in Minnesota has access to a world-class education. … Here is a brief rundown of some of the other things the bill does: … Creates a special education working group to study the rapid increase of special education costs and spending. … I am proud of this year’s bill and look forward to working with Governor Dayton and the Senate to come to agreement on a final bill that puts the needs of our children first.