Michigan: New law lets police physically restrain students

Jan 12, 2018, Fenton, MI, Tri County Times: Under new legislation, police can physically restrain students Most don’t know that until recently, school personnel and law enforcement officers were not allowed to physically touch any student unless in an emergency situation. However, a new Michigan law now allows police to physically restrain students when they deem it necessary. House Bill 5126 amended the 1976 Public Act 451, called the revised school code. While it is still illegal for school personnel to restrain a student, it is lawful for police officers to intervene and restrain a student.  Gov. Rick Snyder signed the bill into law on Dec. 28, 2017. … “Physical restraint of a student is a last resort, emergency safety intervention. Both police officers and school personnel are trained to know the proper restraint techniques in order to keep students as safe as possible. …”