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Marietta, GA: Elem school opens sensory room

Feb 1, 2023, Cobb Schools, Marietta, GA: Rocky Mount Opens New Sensory Room Thanks to Piedmont Church

Excitement! That sums up the reactions to the recent opening of the new sensory room at Rocky Mount Elementary School. Whether it was a Rocky Mount student exploring the lava tiles or other sensory items in the room for the first time or their teachers seeing their students’ smiles brighten, an air of excitement and gratitude filled the once-empty room. “It makes you tear up because when you see the students, they’re so excited. They may have been having a rough day, and they come in here, and it just resets completely. It just gets them right back to where they need to be,” gushed Dr. Cheri Vaniman, Rocky Mount principal. …

Like the sensory rooms at Baker Elementary School and Chalker Elementary School, among others in the District, Rocky Mount’s new space was transformed thanks to the community support from Piedmont Church….

Rocky Mount teachers view the sensory space as an extension of their classrooms, a place to help strengthen student success when back in class….

The Rocky Mount teachers can bring in multiple students or just one student who needs an opportunity to redirect their focus away from other students.

The room provides options to fit the student’s needs. The students can come in and jump around or snuggle up with weighted items. They can climb in a tunnel or focus on the visuals in the room….

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