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Maine State Theater: "Sensory-friendly performances of 'Three Little Pigs"

July 19, 2023, Portland (ME) Press Herald: Maine State Music Theatre presents sensory-friendly ‘Three Little Pigs’

Maine State Music Theatre will present a sensory-friendly performance for the Theatre for Young Audiences productions of “The Three Little Pigs” on at 6 p.m. July 24 in the Pickard Theater….

The sensory-friendly performance of “Rapunzel” in June drew over 130 attendees — more than a 130% increase in audience numbers over previous years — with audience members from across the state, with counties as far away as Oxford, Penobscot and Aroostook, according to MSMT.

Artistic Director Curt Dale Clark said MSMT is thrilled by the growth of this sensory friendly series.

“Maine State Music Theatre has always been committed to providing opportunities for young audiences to access live theatre,” Clark said. “Furthermore, this program makes musical theatre accessible for children who might not otherwise be able to experience the magic. It’s our way of building a theatre that is more inclusive and welcoming of everyone.”

These sensory-friendly performances are specially created for families with children with autism or other cognitive or physical disabilities. The hour-long presentations are designed to be interactive and to engage the children in the imaginative creative process. Lighting and sound levels are adjusted to accommodate sensory sensitivities, and there is the ability to stop and start the performance or for the audience to enter and leave at will….

…Other amenities include a quiet room, study guide and activity booklet and fidget toys.


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