Louisville: SPED school uses "standing desks" to help with students' focus

Feb 5, 2018, NBC3 Louisville, KT: Louisville classrooms make the switch to standing desks VIDEO: “Classrooms are starting to look a lot different these days, from trampolines to ‘Silly Putty.’ A lot of schools are incorporating all sorts of methods to help keep kids focused, allowing their bodies to move.” “A Louisville school is now using standing desks to help their students with learning disabilities. …How movement is making a difference.” “The Meredith—Dunn School teaches children with learning disabilities.” Teachers are turning to standing desks and other methods of movement to increase concentration and focus in the classroom. The Meredith-Dunn School teaches students with different learning styles and learning disabilities. In 2016, the school received a grant for three Marvel Focus Desks. Angela Conway's second-grade class the chance to test these desks and Conway immediately saw improvements in her students once she utilized the desks to allow them to move. … Conway will observe a student tapping, fidgeting, or getting distracted and give them an opportunity to stand at the Focus Desk. Immediately, she'll notice they're more attentive and focused. … Every student in fifth-grade math has their own standing desk and are able to make the decision about when they want to transition to stand. "If I just sit down I get really move-y because I have ADHD," fifth-grader Laila Holt said. The Focus Desks have also led to other methods of movement; students will often play with putty or rotate cubes to keep their hands and fingers busy. But while bodies are moving - their eyes are still - focused on the day's lesson.