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Los Lunas Co, NM: District schools each have "sensory room" for autistic, sensory disabled

Aug 24, 2023, KOB4, Albuquerque, NM: New Mexico school district now offers sensory rooms

More and more we are seeing sensory-friendly options for those who need it the most, including students at one New Mexico school district.

This school year, each of the 15 Los Lunas Schools has a sensory room. They’re ideal for people with autism or others who are sensitive to a lot of activity.

School leaders, though, say those rooms are for everyone.

“We have a lot of students who have experienced a lot of trauma in their lives. It’s a place where they can come in and self-regulate. It’s also a place where they can have some time to really reflect on what’s really going on in their lives,” said Susan D. Chavez, the chief student services officer at Los Lunas Schools.

Each room is equipped with things students can touch, see and hear.

“Many of them have these bubble tubes that you see. There are light fixtures and many others have flexible seating,” Chavez said. “What is different are the sensory walls. Some are more geared towards secondary students and some towards elementary students.”

These rooms are meant to be used on a daily basis by not only students but staff too….


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