Lewiston, ME: More SPED staff; "schools are at or above capacity"

Nov 28, 2017, Lewiston (ME) Sun Journal: Lewiston schools approve more special ed staff To keep pace with a growing number of special education students, the School Committee on Monday night approved hiring more staff. The committee voted to authorize $70,000 to hire a special education teacher and educational technician at Geiger Elementary School, and a special education teacher at Montello Elementary School. The cost is $70,000 for three positions because it will only be for remainder of this school year, Webster said. Special Education Director Pamela Emery told committee members that several special ed classes at two schools are at or above capacity. … The caseload for special ed classes at Geiger and Montello is at or above capacity, Emery said. “There’s an extreme need at both of those schools,” she said. ... “We’re full all the time,” she said, and children ages 3 to 5 are on waiting lists. “They’re coming to the schools. It’s continuing every year to be more and more. This is definitely going to be a subject that’s not going away any time soon.” Lewiston will receive more state money for more students, but there is a lag time.