Ken-Ton, NY: Schools to be "trauma-informed" to deal with behavioral issues

Nov 28, 2017, Buffalo, NY, Ken Ton Bee: KT schools to become trauma-informed district The Ken-Ton School District is planning to become a trauma informed district to address the social and emotional wellness of its students. …. “Part of our long-term plan is to develop that ability and staff to recognize things like students behaving differently but do it from a trauma-informed approach so it can be addressed in classroom,” Lewis said. … Cerra noted that the Family Support System needs something more than what it does. While the center does offer specialized family counseling and some individual work on behavioral issues, it doesn’t provide direct mental health. … If a student needs a psychiatrist or to be evaluated, he or she is linked elsewhere. “It is our job to be able to link them with community services. And we have local agencies that we partner with,” Cerra said. The Family Support Center includes 12 therapists with specialized training, including four individuals trained in trauma therapy, and eight formal agency partners. The center also plans to launch a website in the coming weeks that students and families can turn to for online help with various issues.

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