Jacksonville, FL: Local students give Adderall to peers

Aug 18, 2017, News 4, Jacksonville, FL: Increase in local students abusing Adderall Healthcare professionals working to fight drug abuse say they’re noticing a big problem that is only getting worse. They are seeing more local students abusing the stimulant, Adderall, and not understanding how dangero us it can be. Adderall is often prescribed for people diagnosed with attention deficit disorders, including ADHD. ... Renaud says many students are getting Adderall right from their peers in school. … Dr. Jeremy Mirabile, a psychiatrist and medical director for Recovery Keys said there's a question if this type of abuse can lead to more addiction. His concern is how this could impact a still developing brain. "There's no telling what the consequence could be. So the whole, experimenting with controlled substances and doses that are outside of prescribed ranges and not being monitored on top of it- yes, I'm very concerned," said Mirabile.