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Israel: One in 7 Israeli kids has ADHD

April 16, 2018, JWeekly, Jewish News of Northern California: How did Israel become the ADHD capital of the world? ADHD is a hot topic in Israel, for good reasons. The country has the world’s highest rate of ADHD diagnoses, according to one recent survey. I didn’t find that news all that surprising, considering the personalities of most of the Israelis — and Jews — I already knew…. Some ADHD experts believe Israel’s high rate of diagnoses might have something to do with the Jewish history of immigration. … ADHD diagnoses are more common in nations with high rates of immigrants, such as the United States, Canada and Australia. … The Tel Aviv meeting, organized by the Israeli Society for ADHD, featured workshops with some of the world’s top authorities on topics ranging from new ways to diagnose and treat the disorder to whether it might be considered a “gift.” … “Putting labels on kids and drugging them is a crime against humanity,” argued one of the demonstrators, PR consultant Yehuda Koren. … As the protest underscored, awareness of ADHD in Israel has rapidly increased in recent years, bringing along a lot of controversy. News of Israel’s high rate of ADHD was first reported in 2016, based on research by Dr. Michael Davidovitch, head of child development for Maccabi Healthcare Services, Israel’s second largest HMO. Davidovitch found that the rate of ADHD diagnoses more than doubled between 2005 and 2014. By then, he says, one in every seven Israeli children, or 14.4 percent, had been diagnosed, the highest reported diagnosis rate of any nation. The average rate among U.S. children ages 2 to 17, as reported by the CDC in 2016, was 9.4 percent, although in some states it’s higher. Kentucky, for instance, has reported a rate of 14.8 percent

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