(Israel) Court rules on schoolchildren with severe allergies

Sept 19, 2017, Haaretz Israel News: Israeli After-school Day Care Must Adjust to Kids With Allergies, High Court Says The High Court of Justice ruled Monday that an after-school childcare program (tzaharon) cannot make acceptance of an allergic child conditional on the child having a chaperone but must adapt the program to allergic children based on Education Ministry guidelines. The ministry in turn committed to apply its guidelines for allergic children to after-school childcare programs, and said it would write more specific instructions after Sukkot ends on October 11. The presence of schoolchildren with serious allergies has become an issue as their number increases. Some children can have life-threatening reactions if exposed to certain foods, whether by eating them, touching them or even breathing in their dust. Some 8 percent of Israeli children are thought to have allergies, with one-tenth of them being so sensitive they need a chaperone at school.... The parents demanded that the Education Ministry establish a clear and equitable national policy that makes tzaharonim accessible and safe for children who have allergies, even if it meant the ministry had to pay for chaperones.