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(Ireland) 400 families expected to apply for 35 "autism assistance dogs"

Apr 24, 2023, Irish Examiner: Families encouraged to apply for autism assistance dog

An autism support dog charity has reopened its application process for new assistance dogs — with some 400 families expected to apply for 35 dogs.

Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI), which receives no State funding, says it has been able to reopen its application process this year thanks to the generosity of donors and fundraisers.

It has now encouraged families to register their interest in an autism assistance dog before the May 9 deadline, with applications then set to open from May 25.

“They are not emotional support dogs. Their main function is safety. They act like an anchor for their child.”

And while AADI would like to place dogs with any family who needs them, she said because resources are limited, it can only place dogs with children who have a formal diagnosis of autism at the time of applying, who are aged between five and 12 at the time of applying, and who are considered a significant flight risk….


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