Illinois: State law stops schools from expelling preschool kids

Aug 14, 2017, CLTV TV Chicago: Rauner signs bill to prevent preschool expulsion Unruly students can face expulsion for their bad behavior. But typically expulsion is thought of as a punishment for teens. Schools today are expelling preschoolers as well and the problem is growing. But a new law in Illinois will prevent the youngest kids from getting kicked out of class. Governor Rauner signed the bill this morning. Preschools that get state money can no longer kick kids out of school, if they don't follow very specific rules to do so. With the bill, expulsion needs to be a last resort. In Illinois, nearly three preschoolers are expelled for every 1,000 enrolled. It's what's being called by some the pre-school to prison pipeline. ... The legislation signed today by Gov. Rauner makes it harder for schools that get state funding to just kick kids out of class.