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Hutchinson, MN: Up to 25% of kids are affected by mental illness

Nov 25, 2017, Hutchinson (MN) Leader: YOU, YOUR KIDS & SCHOOL: Are the kids all right? A look at mental health A story in the Journal for School Nursing reported, “Recent estimates indicate that mental health issues affect 20 to 25 percent of children and adolescents in the United States, and of these, only 36 percent receive mental health services.”... Youth suicide has been an increased concern for our public and with reports of suicide being the third-leading cause of death for youth age 10-19, we need to figure out how to support our youth. It is reported the majority of youth having suicidal ideation do not seek out help from an adult but rather a friend. This means we need to look for signs of mental health concerns in our kids, teach our children to ask for help when they are approached by friends, and have resources available....

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