Hernando Cty, FL: Special needs 10 yr old "Baker Acted" at school

Feb 16, 2018, ABC—TV Tampa Bay: 10-year-old student with autism is Baker Acted at school, parents are furious A mother says her family is torn apart after her 10 year-old son with special needs was Baker Acted at his elementary school. Law enforcement says the 10-year-old was biting and trying to hurt himself and others. But his mother says "Baker Acting" her child was the wrong thing to do. Sandy and Rick say their 10-year-old son was diagnosed with nonverbal autism at the age of two. Last month the boy became very upset at school and was Baker Acted. "I’ve never heard of them Baker Acting an autistic child," said Sandy, the boy's mother. … "I see them carry my handcuffed child into a facility that wouldn’t allow me to see him. I was threatened with arrest and my husband was threatened with arrest," said Sandy. We reached out to the Hernando County School District who said law enforcement makes the decision of whether a Baker Act is necessary. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office told us the child was acting out violently. They said to avoid injury to himself and others the deputy used restraints and chose to Baker Act the child