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Hays, KS: More than 200,000 college students with autism expected by 2028

Feb 1, 2020, Hays (KS) Post: FHSU special education team presents at conference on autism Three faculty members from the Department of Advanced Education Programs at Fort Hays State University presented at the recent 21st International Conference on Autism, Intellectual Disability, and Developmental Disabilities in Sarasota, Fla. …. “We aim to identify the self-determination skills of college students with autism, implement an intervention to foster self-determination skills and then evaluate quality of life,” she said. Current research shows that approximately one-third of high school students with ASD are likely to pursue college within six years of leaving high school. According to the National Center for Special Education Research, by the year 2028, of the projected 20,310,000 college students in the United States, more than 200,000 will have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Through this research, the team hopes to help students with autism make a smooth transition from K-12 settings to college life.

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