Green Bay, WI: New sensory room to help kids "regulating their emotions" thanks to $1500 grant

April 5, 2018, NBC26, Green Bay, WI: Partners in Education: Mindfulness room set to help students 'de-escalate' This looks like your average classroom, but soon it will turn into the mindfulness room. "It's a place that students can go to when they're having a hard time regulating their emotions... so when students are having a hard time in the classroom focusing, they can go to this classroom they can center themselves bring themselves back, and efficiently learn," said Brittni Lesuise, a Nicolet private banker, but also a part of Leadership Green Bay. It's a project that's still in it's early stages, but the plan is to get the room equipped, with sensory kits, which is comprised of weighted blankets, bikes, dry erase boards, and bean bags. … The Shopko Foundation presented a $1,500 check.