Fullerton, CA: District opens sensory room for kids with ASD; "to serve this growing population"

May 10, 2018, Kaplan Herald, Fullerton, CA: New Sensory Room for Fullerton Special Education Students – With a new autism diagnosis rate of 1 in 59, Fullerton Cares has partnered with Fullerton School District to open the new sensory room for individuals with autism and other sensory needs at Sunset Lane Elementary School Thursday, May 24, 2018, at 4:00 pm at 2030 Sunset Ln. in Fullerton in order to serve this growing population. … One unique aspect of this sensory room is the setting, located in a general education campus, providing inclusion opportunities for students of all abilities and featuring a swing structure with multiple swings, a touch wall for tactile input, a squishy corner, multiple sensory bins, light up bubble tubes, and an outdoor garden area. With the increase in the diagnosis rate, Fullerton Cares supports those in the community that are passionate about their projects that help each child and make dreams of inclusion come to life…. Fullerton Cares Director Summer Dabbs, says, “This is an amazing opportunity we get to give to kids of all abilities to enjoy thanks to all the love and support we receive from the community. This wouldn’t be possible without them.”