Fresno, CA: Hope for universal screening for Asperger's in elementary school

Sept 29, 2017, ABC30, Fresno: Asperger's Screener Could Save A Life Asperger's syndrome is often described as a mild form of autism. It is often not diagnosed until adulthood, which can cause a lifetime of difficulties. But thanks to an autism research center and a determined mom, there's a quick and easy way to get some answers.... Tom Doebler brought the screener to one of Arizona's public charter schools. He expects a big impact. "It's just another step in breaking down misunderstanding about autism spectrum disorder in schools and outside the schools, and that's something I just jumped on," Tom Doebler, Great Hearts National Director of Exceptional Student Services explained to Ivanhoe. (Read Full Interview) In that first year, four students in Great Hearts Academy were directed to get more intensive testing; that's about the number experts expected to find. Chris Smith's hope is for universal screening for social challenges in elementary school, just like hearing and vision screening. You can also download the screener for free. The app is called "Think Asperger's" on iTunes or Google Play.

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