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Flint Township, MI: "Autism Acceptance Month"; 'Autism has so many benefits'

April 20, 2022, Clio, MI, Fox66: Experts advocate for more autism acceptance

FLINT TOWNSHIP, Mich. - April was once considered Autism Awareness Month. It is now Autism Acceptance Month, and the change is significant. From speaking with Gateway Pediatric Therapy Clinical Director Elizabeth Elias, she tells Mid – Michigan NOW we as a society know autism exists and are aware what it is, so now she says it's time to make sure those who are autistic feel seen and heard. Elias says this will then help us to better serve their community…. Elias explains a lot of the ideas surrounding autism awareness include how can we help people with autism better adjust into our culture. She believes the focus should now shift towards how we can make society more accepting for people on the spectrum, like John Patton. “I think when people hear autism, they only hear the disability and the deficits whereas Autism has so many benefits and it doesn't really make people any different than people who are neurotypical, so I think John is a great example. He is such a fun guy to work with and he's also very talented,” said Elias….


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