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Flint, MI: SPED rate 26%; state needs to increase funding

Feb 10, 2020, ABC12, Flint, MI: Flint superintendent files complaint with state over special education funding As Flint Community Schools grapples with their future, the issue of special education services is 12%. But that number is more than double in Flint Community Schools at 24% to 26%. "As our general ed population declined, our special ed numbers proportionately increased," Lopez said. With a higher than average special needs population, Lopez said they've been forced to pay $3.6 million from their general fund to cover those services. He said, the district is not getting enough from the state. The funding provides special education services for students with needs that range from ADHD to dyslexia to cerebral palsy. The extra help needed varies. but on average Lopez said they require nearly double the amount of funding that a general education student would need. He blames the funding issue on the Genesee Intermediate School District's formula, which decides how to dish out the money to each district…. "The student body of a district is irrelevant to what the Act 18 formula was designed to do, which was to target special needs students and their needs in the districts," Lopez said. He just filed a formal complaint about the formula with the state. It could take up to three months for an answer….


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