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(Fiji) "There are a lot of children BORN WITH AUTISM now; trend just getting higher"

July 13, 2023, Fiji Village: Do we have specialists to deal with Autism in our Special Schools – Naupoto

It is an area we are trying to beef up – Radrodro

Questions have been raised by the Opposition on whether the Ministry of Education has specialists that deal with Autism in our Special Schools.

While questioning the grant of $1.04 million to Special Schools, FijiFirst MP, Viliame Naupoto says there are a lot of children born with Autism now and the trend is just getting higher.

He asks whether specialists are available at the schools that deal with Autism where parents can take their children.

Naupoto further says children on the spectrum need special attention, speech therapy, and they start speaking much later.

The Opposition MP says the earlier it is detected the better, and funding is needed for this. Minister for Education, Aseri Radrodro replied that it is an area they are trying to beef up especially with their school teachers to specialise in that field….

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