*Eugene, OR: Police called for out-of-control students at elementary school 3X in 2 months

Nov 10, 2017, Eugene (OR) Register-Guard: Edison Elementary in Eugene has had to call police and evacuate classrooms over student behavior problems Eugene police officers have been called to Edison Elementary School in south Eugene three times since Oct. 23 for reports of “disorderly juvenile(s).” Staff members who work at the school say students identified as having “behavioral issues” have been breaking windows and door glass, throwing chairs, hitting teachers and other staff, yelling obscenities and becoming so violent or out of control that teachers are forced to completely clear their classrooms — sometimes as a safety precaution — requiring other students to move into a hallway or gymnasium for the duration of a student’s meltdown. Linda Coombs, a speech pathologist for the district who often provides services at Edison, detailed some of the long-term as well as more recent problems regarding student behavior at Edison during a Nov. 1 meeting of the Eugene School Board. “It is not unusual to walk into a room and see a student hitting a staff member, yelling obscene or threatening words, or throwing objects like chairs,” she said to the board.