Erie, PA: Entire high school staff attended mental health training session

Feb 5, 2018, Erie, PA, Your Erie: General McLane teachers participate in mental health training For the first time ever, the entire staff of General McLane High School participates in a mental health training. Local behavior and psychology expert Kimberly Morrow spent the morning with more than 200 teachers and staff members from the district. Training them on dealing with students who have anxiety, OCD, and other mental health issues. Superintendent Richard Scaletta says many schools are seeing an increase in mental health issues amongst students, this is why he wanted his staff to be properly trained. "What we're learning today is that we have to help them embrace the anxiety. Help them say, 'yeah, I'm going to be anxious and concerned... and maybe even upset about this, but I'm going to get through it.'" Scaletta says teachers will be utilizing tips from the training starting today.