Elmhurst, IL: Liability issue for cops using EpiPens

Aug 24, 2017, Chicago Daily Herald: Path cleared for Elmhurst cops to use EpiPens Two years after a 13-year-old Elmhurst girl died from an allergic reaction, her city may become only the second in the state to equip its police officers with the EpiPens that could have saved her. Two Elmhurst doctors signed an order Wednesday allowing officers to be trained to administer the drug and begin using epinephrine auto-injectors, possibly before the end of the year…. The 2016 state law authorizes police to carry and administer EpiPens and waives any liability for officers and their municipalities.... Nybo has introduced an amendment to extend legal immunities to doctors who prescribe EpiPens for use by police, but it likely won't be taken up by the legislature until early next year. "These are laws that are charting new territories," he said.

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