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Easton, PA: Elementary teachers assaulted by students with special needs

April 19, 2017, Lehigh Valley (PA) Live: Easton teachers call for group to curb increase in school violence The Easton Area School District superintendent acknowledged an uptick in student violence in schools this year. … "Several teachers here have been assaulted over the last few months, most often in our elementary schools," teachers union Vice President Kevin Deely told the school board Tuesday night. "Although not every school is reporting such behavior there are a few locations where students are attacking each other, staff members, and their teachers physically, verbally, and it's having a detrimental impact on us all," Deely said. … The superintendent declined to say how many incidents there have been or at which schools they're prevalent. "We have to be very careful about identifying in a public way the population of students with special needs," he said.

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