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Dover, DE: 18.3% of students are SPED; but..."probably higher due to 504 plans not being listed"

June 25, 2018, Delaware State News: Special Education Parent Councils in Capital District Three years ago, Delaware Gov.Jack Markell signed Senate Bill 33 into law. Among the many changes to Delaware special education, one of the key facets of this legislation was the following:… I don’t feel we, as parents, should have to wait around for the district to comply with state law and do more than the bare minimum. To that end, I am creating a Capital School District Special Education Parent Group and I invite all to attend…. For a school district that has 18.3 percent of their student population designated as Special Education (which means having an IEP) and probably higher due to 504 plans not being listed in that percentage, we need to band together now more than ever….

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