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Delaware: "Rapid increase in the number of special education students"

April 25, 2017, Delaware State News: JFC examines Carney budget proposal The Joint Finance Committee received a look at Gov. John Carney’s budget proposal Monday, examining education funding, health care costs and the possibility of shifting expenses to local governments. The governor’s plan, announced in March, used an even mix of cuts and taxes to bridge a $386 million projected shortfall. That gap has since grown by $8.9 million after new financial estimates were released last week, although budget officials have cut $13.7 million in expenses…. Education growth is posing problems for budget writers as well, with the state being forced to hire more teachers and devote more resources to education, largely due to a rapid increase in the number of special education students. More children are being diagnosed with learning differences, and others are transferring in from private schools or even another state.

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