Conway, AR: Therapy dog in elementary school helps with reading and autistic students

Dec 8, 2017, Conway, AR, Log Cabin Democrat: Therapy dog visits Guy-Perkins students Guy-Perkins School District Guidance Counselor Penny Howard stands with Henry in front of the elementary entrance Friday morning. Henry is a basset hound trained to provide therapeutic services. He was brought to the school to further teach students the services therapy dogs are able to provide.... “Studies show children find the non-judgmental ears of a therapy dog the perfect choice to hone ad improve their reading skills,” according to Therapy Dogs United. “A therapy dog may also work with disabled or autistic children. … Howard said she has begun a process of researching grants and looking into the possibility of getting a therapy dog for the school district, noting she attended an informational workshop on the subject over the summer. “In my every day, we have those kids that just need that little extra to get them through the day,” she said. “Sometimes it’s just that quiet time, laying on the floor with a pillow and having that external comfort of the dog.” Having a therapy dog on campus could beneficial to the district, she said, noting it would allow for a new avenue for children to express and relieve their troubles.