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Chichester, NH: SPED/transportation behind tax increase

Mar 11, 2023, Concord (NH) Monitor: Special education, transportation drive up Chichester school taxes

Chichester residents approved the school district’s proposed operational budget of $7.43 million – a nearly 9% increase from last year – most of which comes from an increase in special education funding and transportation expenses.

The need for additional services, business administrator Amber Wheeler explained to voters Saturday morning, will increase special education transportation by $190,000, while regular education transportation is projected to increase $175,000, which includes the transportation of homeless students….

Additionally, residents approved $100,000 for the special education expendable trust fund to help defray the unanticipated costs of a special needs student joining the community,

$16,000 to the technology expendable trust fund for future technological advancements outlined in the Capital Improvement Plan, and $25,000 to the building maintenance expendable trust fund for future anticipated roof repair costs which, in total, will raise taxes by 43 cents….


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