Chelmsford, MA: School board concerned about students with behavioral problems

Nov 20, 2017, Concord (MA) Wicked: Chelmsford school board backs fund requests …However, concerns remain about other needs, including reports from school administrators about students with behavioral and emotional problems that may disrupt other students’ learning and compromise the troubled students’ own educational experience. … Lang also said plans are in the works to explore ways to better help students with behavioral and emotional problems, but said those costs fall with the school operating budget rather than in capital requests. … However, School Committee Member Barbara Skaar said, “What about the behavioral issues raised?” Noting earlier conversations with school administrators, Skaar said, “They were asked, if they had the money, what would they want?” Skaar said the leading choice is, “spending money to educate faculty and staff on how to do deal with behavioral problems.” Skaar added, “Teachers prefer to address behavioral issues, than technology...I think we need to start addressing those issues, and therapeutic classrooms have to be on our list.” To Lang, Skaar said, “It’s a huge issue in our buildings...I know you are aware of it.” Skaar said, “I don’t know if it’s appropriate for the capital budget, but we need to start considering this.” Lang said, “As a district, we are putting an extraordinary amount of effort into social and emotional learning.” Calling it “a key goal,” Lang said, “It’s going to be continuing.”