Cedar Rapids, IA: District didn't report 800 cases of restraint/seclusion in 2013; number now double

Nov 28, 2017, ABC9 Cedar Rapids, IA: I9 UPDATE: Cedar Rapids Schools blames false data reporting to feds on 'clerical error' The Cedar Rapids Community School District says it is working to fix reporting issues with its seclusion rooms. I9 uncovered those issues earlier this month, finding the district had not reported to the federal government how often it placed students in seclusion rooms or restraints. The district says there were nearly 800 cases of seclusion and restraint in 2013, the last year they were required to submit those numbers to the US Department of Education. As we previously reported, that agency's documents say the district had told them there were zero instances that year. Officials there say the numbers they receive are certified by a district's superintendent but the statement from Cedar Rapids Schools says the mistake comes down to a "clerical error". Iowa lawmakers we spoke to in both parties aren't calling for an end to seclusion rooms but do say they're open to changes. … The Cedar Rapids School district added its goal is to reduce the use of seclusion only as a last resort. That is despite the data we found showing the use of seclusion and restraint in the district has more than doubled since those 2013 numbers.