(Canada) Winnipeg: SPED teachers told to report all assaults by students

Feb 5, 2018, (Canada) Winnipeg Free Press: Teachers urged to report all assaults, even minor or accidental Teachers will report when they are intentionally punched in the face, but not when they are pinched or slapped by a student living with special needs. Now the Winnipeg Teachers' Association and the chairwoman of the Winnipeg School Division want to change that. Both Kristin Insull, president of the Teachers' Association, and WSD chairwoman Sherri Rollins, said teachers are underreporting physical and verbal incidents against them. They call on teachers to report all such incidents they experience on the job, no matter if they are extremely violent or minimal. … "They don't want to use the word 'violent' for a pinch or a scratch if it wasn't intentional or if it was by an inclusion support student. But you need a paper trail to be able to bring in additional resources to deal with it. … "This is long overdue."