(Canada) Sudbury, ON: Students with "serious behavioral issues" attack teachers

Jan 27, 2018, Sudbury (Ontario) Star: School violence increasing: North Bay educators An educational assistant with the Near North District School Board would feel safer wearing body armour because she knows the punches and bites would not hurt as much. She is one of many with a similar story of pain and injury inflicted by a student. Educational assistants, teachers and other staff across the district are facing increased violence in the workplace. The victims are adults and their attackers are children. The EA, who works with a Grade 7 student, has had her legs and arms so badly bruised she can hardly move them the following day. Another EA refuses to work at certain schools in North Bay because of the violence. … “The amount of violence that is happening in schools across the province has escalated,” he says. … Thompson says a report recently released by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario confirms what many teachers have been saying. The federation is calling on the province to address the “critical lack of support” for students with serious behavioural issues which leads to violent incidents in classrooms. …

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