(Canada) Ontario: Violence against teachers by "children as young as four"


Sept 25, 2017, Ontario Teachers Calling for Action on Student Violence Unfortunately for teachers, they sometimes encounter workplace violence. In the last few years, there has been an uptick in the number of reported incidents of student violence in schools against teachers and other educational staff. Students are acting out by throwing furniture, smashing computers, spraying paint, hitting, punching, kicking and biting their peers and adults, former teacher Linda Schultz recently said during a radio interview. These are children as young as four with behavioural problems and mental health diagnoses. … It’s not just a matter of behavioural problems in students, but the ETFO also believes government funding has contributed to the rise in student violence in Ontario schools. In their “Call to Action,” the ETFO says more than half of elementary school principals reported restrictions on waiting lists for special education services, according to People for Education. Twenty-six per cent of elementary schools report that not all identified students are receiving the recommended support. The ETFO has called for the provincial government to increase its funding for special education teachers, educational assistants, psychologists, behavioural therapists, school support counselors, child and youth workers and speech-language pathologists. This funding would improve early interventions. In response, the Ministry of Labour and Education have released a letter addressing the ETFO’s concerns and advised the following measures:…