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(Canada) Ont: ABA provider celebrates "grand opening"

Mar 11, 2024, Pembroke Today: Hands expands autism services in Pembroke with new site

Hands, a leader in Autism and Behavioral Services in Northeastern Ontario, celebrated the grand opening of its new Pembroke site on March 8th. The community-invited open house at the Phoenix Centre showcased Hands’ commitment to supporting families facing autism-related challenges.

The event, held from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM, provided community members with an opportunity to explore the new Hands Autism and Behavioral Services facility at 130 Pembroke St West. Attendees engaged with Hands’ experts, gaining insights into the organization’s unique approaches to assisting families. Paula Barnes, Manager of Autism Services at Hands, highlighted the organization’s community-focused approach in an interview with myFM.

The open house featured activities for children, games, prizes, and guided tours of the Hands facilities, reinforcing their commitment to community engagement. Hands continues to be a vital resource for families in Northeastern Ontario, and the new site in Pembroke further solidifies their position as a leading service provider in the region. Barnes shed light on the offerings available to the community, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to addressing the unique needs of families in Northeastern Ontario.

With 25 years of experience, Hands has established itself as a recognized leader in bilingual Autism and Behavioral Services, offering support to over 850 unique families in the past year alone. Barnes shared insights with myFM about the decision to expand services to Pembroke.


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