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(Canada) "Neurodiversity centres" to expand in Canada

EY expands Neurodiversity Centres of Excellence in Canada

• Canadian presence grows with opening of Neurodiversity Centre of Excellence in Calgary • Centres help clients build a more accessible and inclusive talent environment • Accessible processes and work environments lead to 92% retention rate, globally

EY Canada is proud to announce the expansion of its Neurodiversity Centre of Excellence (NCoE) network, opening a sixth Centre in Calgary today. Starting in Philadelphia in 2016, the NCoE model has expanded globally, including a rapidly growing Canadian team that spans across Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax.

The strength-based talent model unlocks the potential of neurodiverse talent pools to integrate advanced business and technology capabilities, with knowledge in areas like data analytics, blockchain, AI, risk and audit to help clients overcome some of their most complex business challenges.

“To drive sustainable growth, we know businesses need to continually innovate, diversify their workforce and identify new sources of talent,” shares Alison Jackson, Calgary Managing Partner at EY Canada. “Expanding the NCoE to Calgary allows us to access local talented, project-ready consultants who are familiar with local priorities and values in prominent energy, agriculture, technology sectors and beyond.”…

This news follows the launch of the EY Finance Centre of Excellence in Calgary earlier this year, which offers cutting-edge internal finance services. Both Centres join a growing list of EY Centres of Excellence worldwide with distinct areas of focus ranging from cybersecurity, innovation and analytics to robotic process automation and manufacturing services.

“We are pleased to welcome EY’s latest investment in Calgary with the expansion of its Neurodiversity Centre of Excellence,” says Honourable Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta.

“This is not only a vote of confidence in this city and our province, it is a vote of confidence in every individual who is looking for work. The services provided through this centre will help match employers and employees and strengthen our economy.”

Rick Christiaanse, Chief Executive Officer, Invest Alberta, adds: “The EY Neurodiversity Centre of Excellence shows a commitment to the workforce of the future and to creating more opportunities for Albertans and for companies investing in Alberta. This centre of excellence will help Alberta’s diverse workforce innovate to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.”

By developing accessible processes and environments where neurodivergent employees can thrive, the NCoE has achieved a 92% retention rate among employees to date.

Learn more about the Canadian Neurodiversity Centres of Excellence and how proven methodology that leverages every type of thinker ultimately helps everyone in the workplace and is creating a workforce for the future.

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