(Canada) Edmonton: School staff being trained to diagnose ASD; otherwise the wait is 18 months

Jan 26, 2018, (Canada) Edmonton Journal: Skirting the wait list, Edmonton schools aim to diagnose autism on their own Staff at both Edmonton public and Catholic school districts will soon be able to diagnose or rule out autism to help families avoid a lengthy wait at the Glenrose Autism Clinic. With an average wait of 18 months for a child to be diagnosed at the Glenrose, psychologists working in the city’s Catholic and public schools have either been trained or are undergoing training to identify which students are on the spectrum. …. Psychologists at Edmonton public trained to be able to diagnose autism in June 2016. Using a special set of toys and tools, called the “autism diagnostic observation schedule,” they watch how children use the objects, and also observe children in their classrooms, Gummer said Thursday. Children they suspect have multiple conditions still need a referral to the Glenrose for diagnosis. … “I think they’re terrified. That’s a parent’s real worst thought — that there could be something neurologically, developmentally wrong with my child,” Gummer said. … “When you hear your child has autism and you have nowhere to go, and no one that can help you, it can be really devastating,” she said.