(Canada) BC: More SPED kids in regular ed classes because numbers are "pretty high"

Nov 28, 2017, (British Columbia) North Vancouver North Shore News: Crowded classes still a concern for North Van teachers’ association There are more teachers, more classes and more portables at North Vancouver schools this year. But that doesn’t mean some teachers aren’t still struggling with heavy workloads, says a representative of the North Vancouver Teachers Association. … … That means many classes are still too big, or contain more than the agreed-on number of special needs students in classes. Regular classrooms are supposed to have no more than three special needs students, with no more than one of those designated as having more severe challenges. Yet “there are many classrooms that have four, five and six (special needs students in them),” said Stuible. … Specialist teachers, in particular - such as school counsellors, psychologists and speech and hearing specialists who don’t work in regular classrooms – are also struggling with their work loads, said Stuible, adding those teachers work with the neediest students. “The number of students they have to serve and deal with is pretty high,” he said.

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