Blaine, WA: SCHOOLS-"Increased need for behavioral and mental health counseling"

Aug 25, 2017, Point Roberts, WA, All Point Bulletin: District ups counseling resources In response to an increased need for behavioral and mental health counseling in its schools, the Blaine school district hired a half-time mental health counselor who will work in all district schools starting this year.... Though the district is still developing the job, it hopes to provide students in need with more intense help than they could get before. School counselors, who served all students on academic issues as well as social and emotional ones, were overloaded, district special programs director Randy Elsbree said. The Blaine school district isn’t alone in needing more mental health counseling, Elsbree said. He pointed to increased levels of depression in students nationwide and an increase in homeless students in Blaine and other local districts. …

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