Battle Creek, MI: Trauma at home affects students in school

Sept 18, 2017, Battle Creek (MI) Enquirer: Harper Creek schools seek to help traumatized students Laura Williams has seen students run out of classrooms without good reason. She's heard them scream in hallways for reasons she can't explain. That's why she is leading an effort in Harper Creek Community Schools to figure out just how much of an effect traumatic experiences outside of school have on students in school. ... It also hopes to help students trying to cope with dysfunction in their homes, such as mental illness, violence, substance abuse, divorce or a jailed relative. Williams said that, according to national statistics, 28% of children experience physical abuse, another 27% struggle with substance abuse, 20% have been abused sexually and 13% have experienced violence in their homes. Williams estimates that up to 1,150 of 2,600-plus students in the Harper Creek district could benefit from any efforts to help children deal with such adverse childhood experiences....

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