(Australia) Teachers injured by ASD students at 'alarming rates'

June 23, 2017, Sydney (Australia) Daily Telegraph: Arguing about whether students with autism need separate schools is highlighting a volatile education issue PRINCIPALS say their staff are being injured at “alarming rates” in the state’s schools and they are struggling to keep teachers and vulnerable students safe. … Many teachers working at the toughest coalface in public education — with children of high needs or extreme behaviours — are “overwhelmed and physically exhausted” due to the lack of support, school leaders have revealed. They have told a parliamentary inquiry of a serious shortage of places and resources for students with learning and behaviour problems in special schools and in support units in mainstream schools. As a result, children with disabilities or special needs can be put into classes with a teacher who is not sufficiently qualified. And as a growing number of students with diverse issues are integrated into mainstream classes, teachers increasingly are finding it difficult — if not impossible — to cope, even with extra help.