(Australia) Schools need to provide "alternative options to out-of-school suspension"

. Aug 29, 2017, Brisbane Times: Australia School cage scandal reforms beset by failed deadlines Changes recommended after the 2015 boy-in-a-cage scandal have again been the subject of time blowouts, a delay ACT Education minister Yvette Berry blamed on the need for collaboration across several arms of government. An expert panel called for wide-ranging reforms to how schools handled children with complex or challenging behaviours, after a 10-year-old boy wih autism was locked inside a cage at a Canberra school. … A recommendation that each school system provide alternative options to out-of-school suspension where appropriate and possible, including in-school suspensions with temporary additional staffing or support was originally due in December 2016 but had a revised delivery date of September 2016. The report said the current suspension policy was being rewritten with a focus on early intervention and prevention.