*(Australia) "Problem students" are 15% of population

June 2, 2017, Sydney (Australia) Daily Telegraph: Problem’ students numbers grow as schools struggle to accommodate THOUSANDS of children with extreme learning and ¬behaviour problems are seriously affecting the academic performance of other students in schools across the state. Problem students now make up 15 per cent of the 780,000 students in NSW ¬government schools — up by 3 per cent since 2012 — and many educators believe they are losing the battle to keep them engaged and under control. The dire state of schools is exacerbated by a deluge of children with a disability or learning difficulty entering mainstream classes, a “rigid” curriculum and thousands of disaffected senior students required by law to remain at school until they are 17. … Parents, disability groups, educators and schools say there are not enough places in special education settings for problem kids and there are too few specialist support teachers for those in regular classes.