(Australia) Perth: Classroom violence up; teachers taught self-defence/how to restrain students

Mar 17, 2018, (Australia) Perth Now: Teachers under attack from students in WA school classrooms ...Physical attacks by students against teachers surged to nearly 600 last year, prompting veteran South West educator Bill Kilner to describe teachers at low socio-economic schools as student “punching bags”. … Education Department acting deputy director general schools Stephen Baxter acknowledged that a small proportion of students resorted to aggressive behaviour but said teachers received training on how to prevent and defuse situations where possible…. Last October, six months after he was left battling post-traumatic stress disorder in the wake of being attacked by student whose cap he had confiscated, Mr Kilner appeared before a Public Administration Committee WorkSafe inquiry to highlight his concern that the behaviour of students was not treated as a safety issue. Mr Kilner, a teacher with 35 years experience, also called for mandatory reporting of all serious attacks on educators and said there was a prevailing feeling among teachers that such reports were used by the Education Department to shift blame to the victim. … About 2000 public school staff in WA undergo restraint and de-escalation training each year, learning self-defence moves and how to restrain violent and aggressive students as a safe last resort. … Education Minister Sue Ellery said teachers deserved to work in safe environments and that all school staff were encouraged to report violent incidents to WA Police. … SHANE Jamieson was left with blood gushing from his nose after he was headbutted by a Year 8 student with a well-established track record for misbehaviour, the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) heard this week. … BILL Kilner has not entered a classroom since March last year, when he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after being attacked by a student whose cap he had confiscated....

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