(Australia) 'One in 7 children and adolescents experience mental ill-health'; teachers unprepared

Dec 14, 2017, (Australia) Education HQ: Staying ahead of the curve with Torrens short courses in education ...But, there’s also been a huge growth in diagnosis of mental health conditions among children and adolescents. The unfortunate reality is that most of the parents, students and educators are left without the resources to adequately manage the diverse needs of the contemporary classroom. … “There is an imminent need for courses that equip teachers and parents or carers to negotiate the ever-increasing complexity of the student population in mainstream classrooms. Courses that traverse both communities and that are aimed at addressing contemporary issues in special education and wellbeing (such as mental ill-health, autism and learning differences) should be a priority for education providers.”... “In Australia one in seven children and adolescents experience mental ill-health. The three most common conditions are anxiety, ADHD and depression. Combine these statistics with other developmental issues that are on the rise, such as autism (which presents in 1 in 62 children) and the landscape of Australia’s mainstream classrooms looks complex.” In a 2015 Australian survey, half of all teachers said they did not have the tools available to address mental health issues, while only one third said their school gave adequate mental health training. “There is a dire need to educate, train and support teachers with student mental-ill-health and other conditions that lead to increased complexity and disruption in their classrooms. ...

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