(Australia)New school for autistic kids; $6,500/semester

April 19, 2018, (UK) Daily Mail: Soundproof rooms, special lighting, aesthetic gardens and classes with just eight students: Inside Australia's first-ever school for children with autism : A specifically designed school for autistic children is opening on the Gold Coast Josiah College has been built to reflect the latest research around autism The school boasts special LED lighting, fans, quieter air con and dark areas 16 students are currently enrolled and it costs $6,480.00 a semester to attend A revolutionary school that is purpose built for children with autism is about to open on the Gold Coast. Josiah College has been specifically designed to cater to primary-school aged children with autism. … Vicki Bitsika from Bond University says the school was needed because mainstream learning environments were stressful for autistic children…. Class sizes will also be dramatically smaller than mainstream schools with one teacher for every eight students. … Tuition fees for one semester at the school will be $6,480.00. Currently, 86 per cent of children with autism who are attending a mainstream school report 'having difficulty' with fitting in socially, learning and communicating with others. …

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