(Australia) Canberra: Changes recommended after autistic child locked in a cage

Nov 8, 2017, (Australia) Canberra Times: Schools for All reforms for ACT disability education on track to finish by December Changes recommended for Canberra's education system after a public school locked a child with autism in a cage are finally on track for completion following a series of delays. The Education Directorate and the Catholic Education Office have predicted they will close their respective nine and eight remaining Schools for All recommendations by the end of December or early next year - some of them more than a year after they were first due. Implementation of the Schools for All program kicked off in late 2015 following Professor Anthony Shaddock's examination of how ACT schools managed challenging behaviours. The review was commissioned after a public school was found to have used a two-by-two metre cage to contain a 10-year-old boy with autism